Mayssa Mokalled, PhD

Mayssa Mokalled, PhD

Associate Professor of Developmental Biology

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Research interests

The Mokalled lab aims at exploring and promoting spinal cord (SC) repair after injury or disease.

Regenerative capacity is unevenly distributed across organisms.  While mammals exhibit limited abilities to repair SC damage, adult zebrafish are capable of remarkable cellular and functional regeneration after complete SC transection.

Our current research projects are focused on:

  1. Elucidating cellular and molecular mechanisms of glial bridging after SC transection in zebrafish.
  2. Investigating mechanisms of neurogenesis and functional repair in zebrafish.
  3. Performing comparative studies to uncover the bases for differential regenerative capacity between the highly regenerative zebrafish and poorly regenerative mouse models.

The central goal of our research is to inspire and guide innovative molecular and cellular approaches for SC treatment.

Ryan McAdow, Kevin Tran, Mayssa Mokalled, Joel Brown, Lili Zhou

Education and Training

Duke University Medical Center
Postdoctoral Fellow

UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
Ph.D. Genetics and Development

American University of Beirut, Lebanon
B.S., M.S. Biology

Selected publications