The Department of Developmental Biology has 20 full time faculty members on the investigator track. Research in the department addresses diverse aspects of developmental biology, from the study of early embryogenesis through gastrulation, cell fate specification and reprogramming, organogenesis to aging, as well as embryonic and adult stem cells.

We will continue to recruit new faculty members in the coming years, focusing on the new areas of developmental biology, including epigenetic regulation of cell fate decisions and quantitative/systems biology approaches. All Developmental Biology faculty members are rising or renowned productive scientists, who are fully engaged in building a leading developmental biology department.

The department is also home to a dedicated administrative staff, who are here to provide support.

WUMS Developmental Biology Groups


Our faculty use a variety of model organisms and cell-based systems to answer key questions about development in hopes of better understanding human birth defects and disease, and improving therapies. 

WUMS Developmental Biology Groups


From laboratory support to grant assistance and IT help, our staff are an essential part of the department’s daily activities. Our team of administrative professionals is here to help.