Geoffrey Goodhill, Ph.D.

Geoffrey Goodhill, Ph.D.

Professor of Developmental Biology and Neuroscience

Research Interests

My overall goal is to understand the computational principles that underly brain development, using a combination of experimental and theoretical approaches. Previously I have studied how growing nerve fibers detect and respond to molecular gradients to find their targets, and how visual experience affects the development of maps in the developing brain. Currently we are using the larval zebrafish as a model to understand the links between the development of patterns of brain activity and complex behaviors and how the development of brain and behavior is altered in Autism Spectrum Disorders.


1986 BSc Joint Mathematics and Physics, University of Bristol

1988 MSc Artificial Intelligence, University of Edinburgh

1992 PhD Cognitive Science, University of Sussex

Honors and Awards

1988 Rank Xerox Prize for best M.Sc. thesis in School of Information Technology at Edinburgh University

1992 Medical Research Council (UK) Postdoctoral Training Fellowship (Edinburgh University)

1995 Sloan Theoretical Neuroscience Postdoctoral Fellow (Salk Institute).

2012 Paxinos-Watson Prize by the Australasian Neuroscience Society for the most significant paper published annually by a member of the society.

2019 Elspeth McLachlan Plenary Lecture at the Australasian Neuroscience Society Annual Conference.

2020 Keynote lecture at the 29th annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting.

Selected publications