Copyright Infringement Policy

November 2002

The Department of Developmental Biology follows the university’s computer use policy regarding the use of copyrighted materials.

“Much of what appears on the internet is protected by copyright law regardless of whether the copyright is expressly noted. Users should generally assume that material is copyrighted unless they know otherwise and not copy or disseminate copyrighted material without permission. Copyright protection also applies to software, which is often licensed to the University with specific limitations on its use. Both individual users and the University may, in some circumstances, be held legally responsible for violations of copyright.”

“Users within the academic community must understand the perils of illegal use, exchange or display of copyrighted, deceptive, defamatory or obscene materials on a web page or through other electronic communication channels.”

Effective November 2002, all computers (within the Department of Developmental Biology) engaged in file sharing will be taken off the network.

Unless you have been granted permission to use copyrighted materials and/or are the owner of the copyrighted material, you must remove all music, movies and program files from your computer. You also need to stop all forms of electronic file sharing that are not directly related to your professional activities.

Using unlicensed copyrighted material is illegal and may subject the violator to civil liability and/or criminal charges. Washington University expects all members of its community to respect United States copyright laws. Under the university’s computer use policy, repeated violations of the copyright laws are punishable by termination of access to some or all of the university’s computer resources or termination of employment.

Per the Washington University’s computer use policy, Washington University reserves the right to log, review or monitor any data stored or transmitted on its information system assets.