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New Publications for Aaron DiAntonio

Congratulations to Dr. Aaron DiAntonio’s Lab on their recent publications.

Multiple domain interfaces mediate SARM1 autoinhibition. Shen C, Vohra M, Zhang P, Mao X, Figley MD, Zhu J, Sasaki Y, Wu H, DiAntonio A, Milbrandt J. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2021 Jan 26;118(4):e2023151118.

Small Molecule SARM1 Inhibitors Recapitulate the SARM1-/- Phenotype and Allow Recovery of a Metastable Pool of Axons Fated to Degenerate. Hughes RO, Bosanac T, Mao X, Engber TM, DiAntonio A, Milbrandt J, Devraj R, Krauss R. Cell Rep. 2021 Jan 5;34(1):108588.